10th Annual Aurora Arts Festival


The 2018 Aurora Arts Festival will be held in Fletcher Plaza at 9898 E. Colfax Ave. Saturday, June 30th and July 1st from Noon-8pm near the Martin Luther King Library in urban Aurora.  Please join us as we welcome artists, makers, local businesses and community organizations to the district! Arts on the Block will celebrate Aurora and all the great things we have to offer in the Aurora Cultural Arts District. The event is FREE! We'll also be hosting a full entertainment schedule, rides, food trucks and pop up performances all day!

The Aurora Cultural Arts District (ACAD) is pleased to announce its annual Aurora Arts Festival.  “We’re throwing a party and everyone is invited! It’s just thrilling to have the opportunity to increase our diverse showcase of the arts right in here in A-Town!” says Satya Wimbish, ACAD President.

Need more information? Email satya@trashasart.com


Aurora Arts Festival: Arts on the Block!
Last years poster!