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Howling Naked on the Road

Red Delicious Press: 9901 East 16th Avenue, Aurora, CO, 303.366.2922, www.reddeliciouspress.com

Artists: Erika Adams, Abra Ancliff, Eileen Macdonald, Kimiko Miyoshi, Denise Saint-Onge, Marilee Salvator, Tracy Templeton, Melanie Yazzie

Exhibition dates: March 14 - April 26, 2014

Gallery hours: call for appointment, or email gallery@reddeliciouspress.com

About the Exhibition:
Organized by Kimiko Miyoshi and Marilee Salvator Howling Naked on the Road is a large format print portfolio comprised of works by eight printmakers. Every print is inspired by a novel, poem, or prose by writers of the Beat Generation. Drawing inspiration from particular texts, participants conceived an idiosyncratic interpretation, visceral visual response or earnest dialogue with the text in their prints. The chosen text maybe entirely, partially, or fragmentarily integrated into the print as visual elements. Participants explored the relationship between words and image, generating a creative dialogue between writers, printmakers, and the viewer.

Beat Generation’s writing often travels between imaginary and real existence. The stylistically free-flowing and non-traditional, sometimes fantastical writings of Beat authors serve as a bridge between conscious and subconscious. Also, not unlike Beat writers who rejected consumerism, today’s artists are objecting to the substantial negative impact of materialism and corporate greed on our environment and the social order. The prints inspired by these writers in mid 50’s San Francisco will carry on their spirit and connect the two generations as well as bridging words and image.

This portfolio will be displayed at the 2014 Southern Graphics Council International print conference in San Francisco March 26-29. We are excited to preview the portfolio at Red Delicious Press during the month of printmaking - Mo’Print, as the Denver area is also a significant location for the Beat writers.

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