About the District

The Aurora Cultural Arts District (ACAD) is a partnership of creative enterprises, individuals, local businesses, area residents and the City of Aurora whose mission is to enhance the district’s neighborhoods and market it as a destination through a variety of cultural and educational experiences.

The Aurora Culture Arts District provides events for artists to share their work with the community via our annual Aurora Art Festival and other special events throughout the year. We support the arts in the community. You can find listings of ongoing activity in the ACAD throughout our website.

In March, 2012 the Aurora Cultural Arts District was designated as a prospective Creative District! We are excited about the support and techincal assistance we are able to receive for further ACAD planning. Interested in getting involved in ACAD? Email our Managing Director Tracy Weil.


ACAD Board Members

President, Membership, and Outreach
Bob Hagedorn, Former CO State Senator, writer and consultant

Vice President, Events, and Marketing
Satya Wimbish, Trash As Art

Secretary, Membership
Margaret Turco, Aurora Laser Designs, Resident

Treasurer, Finance
Mike Spinelli, Citywide Banks

Community Relations
Doug Adams, Cornerstone Equity

Community Relations, Membership
Michael Farnsworth, Aurora Symphony Orchestra

LaRana J. Skalicky, Kim Robards Dance
Craig Bond, Vintage Theatre
Charles Packard, Aurora Fox Arts Center
Walt Weinberg, Sunrise Artworks
Aaron Gangé, City of Aurora Development

Partner Organizations
Charles Packard, Aurora Fox Arts Center
Gary Wheat, Visit Aurora
Tim Gonerka, City of Aurora, Development Services
Peg Alt, Original Aurora Renewal