Photo credit: “Aloft”; Choreography: Kim Robards; Photo: Stan Obert

Tickets now on sale for Spinoff - Kim Robards Dance and Spinphony

Come together for a dynamic and energy-filled evening of masterful Robards choreography and virtuoso musicianship.

“This is what great modern dance looks like. I was riveted the entire evening!” Pat, audience member from Evergreen, CO

Friday, May 19, 2017

Aurora Cultural Arts District
The People's Cultural Center
9995 East Colfax Avenue
7:30 PM

For ticket info call: 303-825-4847

To purchase tickets: Info@KimRobardsDance.org

Adult: $ 25.00 ages 18 and older - Senior: $ 20.00 ages 65 and older - Student: $ 18.00 ages 13-17 - Child: $ 15.00 ages 12 and younger

For more info visit the KRD website


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